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Release time: 2017 - 10 - 18
LSF electronic storage feeder is specially designed for knitting machine with irregular consumption of yarns. To match with dynamic market demands, it combines unique spool with function of separating yarn. This enables our LSF electronic storage feeder suits both filament and staple fiber. Yarn breakage, twisting yarn and unequal feeding resulting from yarn inter-twisting will not occur. It uesd ceramic on the spool to reduce the Consumption when runs
Release time: 2017 - 11 - 03
We adopt ceramic material for our feeding spool to ensure a better wear-resistance, which solve the wearing problem when using normal feeding spool.We make silver as our finishing color and adopt streamline body design, which make the maintenance of feeder more convenient. Applied with rotatable knot catcher, it gives users easy adjusting and changing.Also, users and optional adopt ceramic or zirconia knot catcher to prevent the wearing problem.Independent adjustable function of stopping bar can be used for testing or adjusting knitting machine. Feeder adopt adjustable ceramic and magnet tension device to ensure a stable yarn feeding, which make it more durable.
Release time: 2017 - 10 - 15
The feeding wheel used ceramic tubes which enhance the abrasion strength.Knot catcher with rotatable multi-slot can be changed or adjusted easily.To improve sensitive and stable of the feeder, lighter detector has used. Also detector with Lock-in function can be utilizing when adjust and testing the machine for spinning. Adjustable ceramic tension devices is used for more flexible utilize and longer service life.
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The product name:


Launch date: 2017-10-15
Belt wheelPunched/Toothed
wheel layerOne~Four
Knot catcherStainless steel/Zicronia/ Ceramic
Tension DeviceSpring/Ceramic/Adjustable

The classic Feeder can be staticifed most of demands. It is easily to operate and valuable. 

The nail of wheel disposed with special technonlogy that increased the hardness of surface and make it more durable.

Detector with Lock-in function can be utilizing when adjust and testing the machine for spinning. 

Knot catchere  can be adjust and change conveniently.  Ceramic or  Zirconic material of knot can be customized, which has better wearability.  

Detectors with lock-in function helps to adjust or testing the knitting machine.

Ceramic tension disc applied to reduce the attrition cause by yarns, and helps to extend the service life.

Suggestion: Use adjustable magnet tension device to improve the stabilization of the yarn feeding and also the abrasion strength.


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No.257.Chun Shing St.,Shu-Lin District,New Taipei City, Taiwan.R.O.C.
Tel:+886-2-26880195 Fax:+886-2-26894360
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